In the early 1960’s, Mescalero Apache musician, A. Paul Ortega created a sound that forever revolutionized the landscape of Native American music. A respected medicine man, he effortlessly fused Native American healing traditions with the gentle strum of guitar, the stomp of bass drum and the mournful cry of harmonica. With blues-tinged vocals and storytelling that draw upon Native culture, Two Worlds and Three Worlds have gone on to become modern classics of contemporary Native American musical expression.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. The Sunset (6:50)
2. Forty-Nine (4:53)
3. The Back and Forth (4:10)
4. The Stomp Dance (4:17)
5. The Trail Song (5:57)
6. What Is An Indian? (4:05)
7. Traveling Song (2:08)
8. Bird Song (7:06)
9. Chicago (6:40)
10. Four-Ways (4:14)
11. Honor Song (3:46)
12. Moccasin Game (8:00)
13. Hand Shake (7:15)
Total Time: 70:16
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