Etched in the Native traditions of Mother Earth, the music of Aaron White (Navajo/Ute) and Anthony Wakeman (Pottawatomi/Lakota) call to the heart and soul of all life. Like a cascade of water trickling through canyons mixed with winds swirling up from the prairies, the sounds of acoustic guitar and cedar flute summon inner calm and quiet strength. Native American Music Award Winner.

Tracks: Click below to listen.
Tracks: Click below to listen.
1. Spirit Dance (3:47)
2. Into the Wind (3:32)
3. Flight of the Water Birds (2:39)
4. Reflections of the World (3:40)
5. End of My Trail (3:01)
6. Return of the Twins (3:13)
7. First Light (4:10)
8. Cathedral of the Flute (6:12)
9. Tales on the Canyon Walls (3:48)
10. Kimimila’s Wings (4:14)
11. Breathless (3:55)
12. Dunes of Time (2:45)
13. Grandmother’s Heart (4:32)
14. Handprints of Our People (5:50)
15. Beauty Runs Through All (3:39)
16. Enchanted (3:35)
17. Red Man Groove Thing (3:53)
Total Time: 67:20
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