Singers: George Bunny (Leader), Jenny Bear, Delia Buckley, John Goat, Christie Hance, Harry Long, Rachel L. Pinezaddleby, Delma B. McClelland, Edna Mae Walker, Annie B. Washington, Alfred Wise, Allen Yargee, Sammie Yargee.

1. Eternal Rest In Heaven (Hvlwe Cehofv Likan)
2. God Our Creator and Preserver (Hesa Ketvmeset Likes)
3. Guide Me, Thou Great Jehovah (Cehofv, Curke Toyetskat)
4. Christ Crucified: Luke 23-33-44-48 (Rvne Kalfvle Hocefken)
5. Saw Ye My Saviour (Pu Hesayecon! Pu Hesayecon!)
6. How Happy Are They (Cesus ‘Mapohicut)
7. Doxology – Lord Dismiss Us (Ce Mekusapeyvte)

Side Two: Inspirational Songs

1. Let’s All Go To Heaven (Momis Komet Upeyakares)
2. I Will Sing Hallelujah (Helelvyvn Yvhikres)
3. Love Lifted Me (Unokeckat Omecicen)
4. We Will Not Strive Here Always (Hofonen Yoma Kollet)
5. Ending Our Days On This Earth (Nettv Spoken)
6. I Am Going To Heaven (Hvlwe Tvlofv Mvn)
7. Doxology – Lord Dismiss Us (Ce Mekusapeyvte)