Inspired by the playfulness of his four-year old daughter as she danced about, Anthony Wakeman created this music for Native American flute. These melodies capture the haunting beauty of the solo flute and reflect the timeless traditions of Native America. Wakeman (of the Gunlake Band of Pottawatomi/Oglala Lakota) is an apprentice flutemaker to his uncle, the noted artist David A. Montour, and his experience as a craftsman gives his composition greater expressiveness and depth.

1. Grandmother’s Prayer (3:07)
2. Chu-Chu (3:05)
3. Montana Mountain Shadows (3:10)
4. Plains Breeze (3:19)
5. My Best Buddy (3:59)
6. The Gift (2:55)
7. Butterfly Dreams (3:34)
8. Mother’s Guidance (4:49)
9. Tha Tribe (3:43)
10. Thank You (4:04)
11. Little Butterfly (3:22)
12. For My Brother (4:21)
Total Time: 44:17
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