Assiniboine Jr’s: Curtis Assiniboine (Sioux/Ojibway), Feralin Assiniboine (Sioux/Ojibway), Glenn Tait (Ojibway), Cyril Assiniboine (Ojibway), Curtis Meeches (Ojibway), Jimmy Lefthand (Stoney), Ray Stevenson (Cree), George James (Ojibway), Forrest Funmaker (Winnebago/Salteaux), Ted Napoleon (Lillooet/Cree), Mark Smith (Gros Ventre/Shoshone), Rodney Patrick (Ojibway), Dana Goulet (Cree), Billy Atkinson (Ojibway), Wayne DeLowe (O’odham), John Martin (Ojibway), Kenny Pratt (Sioux), Jim Todome (Comanche), Cecil James (Ojibway).
All songs made by Curtis Assiniboine except the third song, side one by Curtis Meeches and fifth song, side two by Greg Holy Bull.

Side One (23:05)

1. Song for Benny Norman Wero, Jr. (4:56)
2. Intertribal Song (3:33)
3. Intertribal Song (4:15)
4. Intertribal Song (4:31)
5. Intertribal Song (5:27)

Side Two (23:05)

1. Intertribal Song (5:11)
2. Our Children’s Song (4:38)
3. Intertribal Song (4:18)
4. Tammy Sparvier’s Song (4:28)
5. Intertribal Song (4:05)

Total Time: 46:10