Having dedicated themselves to the way of the drum for over a decade, Bear Creek continues to sing from the heart with power, conviction and feeling. Combining intricate melodies with crisp singing, this Ojibwe drum group delivers another soon-to-be-classic recording.

Grammy® Award Nominee.

Audio CD includes a BONUS DVD featuring video footage recorded during the Pow-Wow and exclusive interviews.


DVD Song List:

– RP Style

– Rush for Roll Call

– Cowboy Up

– Exclusive Interviews

Total Time: 13:58

CD TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Rush for Roll Call (3:29)
2. The One Who Sees (3:05)
3. Straight LCO (3:31)
4. XI (3:37)
5. RP Style (3:52)
6. N???_?۪gashi Nikamun (2:45)
7. Gagebei Giizhig (whistled, 2:52)
8. After Shock (3:59)
9. Sonic Boom (4:08)
10. Black and White (4:19)
11. The Rooster (2:21)
12. Cowboy Up (3:57)
Total Time: 42:45
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