Music composed by Pranav Mehta

Arranged & conducted by Ashit Desai

Featuring Pt. Ronu Majumdar (flute), Sunil Das (sitar),

Atul Raninga (keyboard), Chintu Singh (guitar), & Alap Desai (tabla)

Singers Bina and Pranav Mehta evoke the exotic colors of India

as they perform ghazals (traditional songs) that touch upon love’s many shades – from coy flirtation to deep passion. The flowing rhythms

of tabla and the gentle strains of sitar and flute, merge with contemporary instrumentation to portray these intimate musical conversations

with one’s beloved..

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Allah hi Allah (7:28)
2. Aansuon ke saath (7:16)
3. Vaade pe (6:32)
4. Kabhee yoon bhi (7:09)
5. Kabhee kisiko (6:41)
6. Savere (6:32)
7. Muddat mein (7:10)

8. Chupke se (7:07)

9. Koi kaantaa (6:11)
10. Patthar (6:54)

Total Time: 69:36