Founded by Kenny Scabby Robe of the Blackfeet Nation, the Black Lodge Singers of White Swan, Washington are one of the most respected pow-wow groups in North America. In constant demand as a host drum at pow-wows around the United States and Canada, Black Lodge is also known for their original and lively round dance songs. A prominent Native American courting dance, round dances are occasions filled with humor and good feelings. Black Lodge sing their creative songs and keep dancers swaying to the rhythmic pulse of the hand drums with this collection of their latest round dance songs.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Friends (4:11)
2. Fly (3:54)
3. Once Again, It Is On (3:59)
4. Oh Shucks (3:57)
5. I’ll See Her Again (3:50)
6. Old Blackfeet Song (2:32)
7. Hold My Hand (3:54)
8. Dancin’ Queen (3:13)
9. Please, Please (3:35)
10. Straight (5:13)
11. Wild Summer Nights (4:43)
12. Smoothy But Goody (5:08)
13. Who Let The Dogs Out? (4:22)
Total Time: 53:25
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