Round Dances are Native American social dances during which all members of the community are encouraged to dance and have a good time. For years the Black Lodge Singers have been regarded as one of the greatest pow-wow drums in North America. However, recently they have gained notoriety for their entertaining brand of Round Dance songs utilizing hand-drum and voice. This recording of their latest hand-drum songs is sure to make want to dance through the night!

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Honky Tonkin’ (6:01)
2. Mothers’ Song (4:45)
3. Trails (4:52)
4. Dancing All Night Long (5:35)
5. Straight Round Dance (6:45)
6. Oldie But A Goody (3:00)
7. ’96 Love Song (5:43)
8. Eternity (6:10)
Total Time: 43:29