The Black Lodge Singers (Blackfeet): The Scabby Robe Family – Ken, Louise, Elgin, Erwin, Mike, John, Thomas, Shawn; Brian Howell plus members of Blackstone Singers (Cree): Randy Paskimin, Darrell Paskimin, Laurence Paskimin, Clint Frank.

Side One

1. Roller Coaster Song (made by Arlie Neskahi)
2. Intertribal Song
3. Men’s Traditional
4. Jingle Dress Song
5. Intertribal Song (by Fred Yazzie)

Side Two

1. Intertribal Song (by Keith Kicking Woman & John Scabby Robe)
2. Men’s Traditional: “Eagle Boy”
3. Men’s Traditional: “Prayer Song”
4. Round Dance (by Fred Yazzie & John Scabby Robe)
5. Jingle Dress Song (made for Christy Goodwill)

All songs made by John Scabby Robe unless otherwise noted.