The Black Lodge Singers of White Swan, Washington, are headed by Kenny Scabby Robe. This Blackfeet Drum is comprised of Kenny, his wife Louise and their sons Erwin, Elgin, John, Thomas, Mike and Shawn.

Side One

1. My Brother Eagle, Fly (John Scabby Robe)
2. Holy One, Show Us the Way (John Scabby Robe)
3. Round Dance (John Scabby Robe – Song given by Marshall Dreaver)
4. Once More, We Want to Dance (John Scabby Robe)
5. Jingle Dress Song (Kenny Scabby Robe)

Side Two

1. Veterans’ Desert Storm Song (John Scabby Robe)
2. Look At the Dance (Steve Calf Robe)
3. Cree Round Dance
This is a song that everyone sings in Canada, so we thought it would be good to put it on tape and we hope others will hear it. -Kenny Scabby Robe.
4. Mother Earth (John Scabby Robe)
5. Mickey Mouse (Kenny Scabby Robe)