Native American Music Award Winner.

BLACKFIRE is a Native American (DinĚŠe) traditionally influenced, high-energy, politically driven group comprised of three siblings. Born into the heart of a political land dispute area called Big Mountain on the Navajo Nation, this power trio of 2 brothers and their sister combine their traditional roots with a youthful raw energy to create a real Alter-Native sound. BLACKFIRE’s first full length album of fire-ball alternative punk, One Nation Under features Joey Ramone, Jones Benally, and 15 passionately burning songs of struggles, resistance, and hope. One Nation Under is a wake up call to America and the world.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. No Control
2. Exile
3. Stand Strong
4. One Nation Under
5. Prove Them Wrong
6. Is This Justice
7. Dine’ Gourd Dance Song
8. Many Farms
9. What Do You See
10. It Ain’t Over
11. Lying To Myself
12. Someone Else’s Nightmare
13. Level
14. Shattered & Downfall
15. Downfall & Downfall
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