Since they began singing in 1987, Blackstone has been one of the most influential pow-wow drum groups helping to define today’s contemporary singing style. Their unmistakable songs have been heard in all corners of pow-wow country and they continue to travel and sing at gatherings across the United States and Canada. This live recording shows the full spectrum of their singing abilities as they captivate listeners and dancers singing Grand Entries, Flag, Victory, Intertribal and Contest songs.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Come Dance, It’s Beautiful (13:01).
2. Old Queen Flag Song (2:37).
3 Victory Song (1:50).
4. Just Like Back In The Day (4:42).
5. Honoring Children Song (4:39).
6. Grand Entry: Straight Song (6:27).
7. Grand Entry: Brave Scout (5:03).
8. Blackstone Flag Song (4:00).
9. Victory Song: Mekwunuk ’88 (2:57).
10. Dances For The Elders (5:28)
11. Enjoying A Way Of Life (3:27)
12. Waskowetotehtan (5:04)
Total Time: 59:52
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