For two decades Blackstone has been central to the growth of Pow-Wow singing and songmaking throughout North America. The singing and the innovative songmaking of lead singers Terry Paskemin and Randy Paskemin introduced a Cree style to a large number of Pow-Wow singers and dancers, and the group’s influence has extended far beyond its home in Saskatchewan. The songs on this recording are representative of Terry Paskemin’s songmaking from the period of Blackstone’s greatest influence.

Tracks: Click below to listen.
1. Pigeon Lake (5:32)
2. Fancy Shawl Song (3:01)
3. Side Step (2:44)
4. Bring Your Feathers In (5:26)
5. Get up Dancers (3:24)
6. Contest Song (2:55)
7. Contest Song (3:29)
8. Contest Song (3:28)
9. Footslide (2:31)
10. Women’s Song (3:38)
11. Blackstone Honor Song (7:18)
12. Veterans Sneak Up (2:33)
13. The Bells are Caling You (3:42)
Total Time: 50:34
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