From the Plains Cree people, the Blackstone singers of Sweetgrass, Saskatchewan capture all the color and excitement of today’s pow-wow in their singing and drumming. Their distinctive songs have made them one of the most important, influential and respected drum groups in the United States and Canada. This latest recording captures their singing live at the annual Lincoln’s Birthday Pow-Wow in Simnasho, Oregon.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Show Stopper (4:26)
2. Red (4:27)
3. Ode To The Spotted Bird (2:53)
4. In The ’80’s (3:47)
5. Ch̫opes (2:37)
6. Buddies (4:39)
7. The New Era (4:14)
8. Veterans Song (3:27)
9. High Above The Eagle Soars (3:24)
10. Back In The Day (3:24)
Total Time: 39:53
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