Folk singer-songwriter from Gold Country, California, Brianna Lea Pruett’s musical expression reflects a confluence of experience and influence. Born in the mountains of Northern California, she plays a blend of indie-minded folk and blues suffused by the music of her Appalachian roots and her Native American Cherokee and Choctaw heritage.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. No Diamond Ring (3:29)

2. New Life (3:07)
3. Seeds of Love (3:48)
4. Gypsy Bells (3:02)
5. Sun on the Mountain (4:10)
6. Shine for You (2:40)
7. Marry That Boy (3:04)
8. Love My Free (3:44)
9. It’s All Right (2:53)
10. Red Jacket (3:26)
11. Under Your Wing (3:39)
12. Live Wire (3:16)
Total Time: 40:56

Music/lyrics/vocals/guitar: Brianna Lea Pruett

Percussion/drums: Scott Tarango

Accompanying guitar/lap steel guitar: Sean Sullivan

Bass guitar: Eliot Curtis

Flute: Michelle Lee

Guitar solo and additional guitar on ???_???Seeds of Love???_?۝
and piano on ???_???Under Your Wing???_?۝ : Alan DiPerna