Calf Robe Singers: Carolla Calf Robe (manager), Stephanie Calf Robe (lead singer), Steve Calf Robe, Marvin Calf Robe, Bonnie Calf Robe, Teena Calf Robe, Kyla Crow, Kerry Day Chief, Darryl Black Plume, Linda Rabbit.
Other members not present for recording: Vince Holy Singer, Cheryl Blackwater, Sunshine Calf Robe, Todd Beebe, Lisa Starlight, Joe Oka, Wayne Twigg.
This album by the Calf Robe Singers of the Blood people of Alberta, Canada completes a cycle for Canyon Records. Steve Calf Robe’s father, Edwin Calf Robe, recorded for Canyon over twenty years ago and can be heard on From the Land of the Blackfeet (CR-6095) and Blackfeet Pow-Wow (CR-6119). Through this recording, Edwin Calf Robe’s son and grandchildren continue the traditions of their family and their people.

Side One

1. Men’s Traditional Song
2. Grass Dance Song
3. Men’s Fancy Dance Song
4. Traditional Song
5. Crow Hop Song
6. Jingle Dress Song

Side Two

1. Mother Earth-Intertribal Song
2. Sneak Up Song
3. Intertribal Song
4. Intertribal Song
5. Intertribal Song
6. Boy’s Traditional Song