Two of today’s most gifted young Peyote singers present the distinct singing traditions of the Diné/Navajo and Kiowa peoples for their first time in a single collection. Traditional gourd and water drum are enhanced by exquisitely layered vocal harmonies to create these songs of encouragement, balance and harmony.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Four Straight Diné songs (9:01)
2. Two Straight Diné Songs, Traditional Uplifting Song – Sung in Diné, Straight Diné Song (8:29)
3. Four Old Kiowa Songs (6:33)
4. Four Straight Diné Songs (7:42)
5. Four Old Kiowa Songs (5:33)
6. Three Straight Diné Morning Songs,

Birthday song sung in Diné and English (8:50)

7. Three Straight Diné Songs,

Peyote Song sung in Diné (5:56)

8. Three Straight Diné Song,

Grandparent’s Song – Sung in Diné (9:24)

9. Four a cappella Peyote Songs (7:47)
Total Time: 70:14
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