Kiowa Christian hymns have been a prominent singing tradition among the Kiowa people of Oklahoma since the turn of the 20th century. Blending the song structure, style and melodies of European-American Christian hymns with pre-Christian Kiowa songs, these songs have been faithfully passed down through tribal elders to the present day. This landmark recording collects several Kiowa hymns augmented by multi-part harmonies performed and arranged by Grammy®-nominee Kiowa singer Cheevers Toppah.

Contains detailed liner notes, Kiowa phonetics and English translations.

1. God We Are Coming to You (2:00)



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2. Jesus Was Nailed Onto the Tree to Save (2:24)
3. Be Praying to God for Salvation (2:20)
4. Everyone, See God (2:11)
5. My Man, Rejoice Every Day (2:24)
6. Because of God I Am Able to Do Things (3:55)
7. I Am Glad That God Made My Spirit Happy (3:38)
8. When the Son of God Comes to Your Heart (3:32)
9. Don’t Make Trouble in Your Heart (4:09)
10. God Gave Us a Savior Too (2:19)
11. The Son of God Does Things: It’s Wonderful (2:34)
12. It Was Jesus, It Was Jesus (2:51)
13. I Feel That God Has Been Helping Me Too (3:12)
14. God’s Word is Good (2:40)
15. He Is the Son of God and He Is Standing in the Water (1:49)
16. The Son of God on the Cross Died Because of You (4:35)
17. The Spirit of Joy, the Son of God He Is, He Knows (4:14)
18. Son of God, Keep on Praying to Him (1:37)
19. You Who Are Going Along God’s Way, Be Happy (1:41)
Total Time: 55:26
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