Grammy®-nominated singer Cheevers Toppah was mentored by the greatest singers of the southern Plains and encouraged to carry their song traditions into the future. Drawing upon his training in choral singing, Toppah renders songs composed in the traditional song style of the Plains with multi-part harmonies and vocal arrangements. Toppah’s prodigious talent has earned him induction into the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame.

Indian Summer Music Award Winner.

1. Mahpiya To (5:54)



Tracks: Click below to listen.
2. Din?????_ (Navajo) (5:19)
3. Thunder Up (4:52)
4. Diamond Gal (4:17)
5. Everything of Mine (6:17)
6. Bear Beats (2:53)
7. The Man (3:18)
8. Native American Church Song (2:45)
9. MNX (3:41)
10. Memories (4:33)
11. Rankin Hops (4:05)
12. Now and Forever (4:46)
13. Native American Church Song (2:48)
Total Time: 56:08
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