Groups Featured: Toh-Den-Nas-Shai Singers, T/L Swingers, Smoke Signal Travelers, Four Corners Singers, Nataani Nez Travelers, Beclabito Valley Singers, Chinle Valley Boys.
Recorded live during the Chinle Valley Traditional Song & Dance Festival, April 19, 1986, Chinle, Arizona.

Side One

1. Roughin’ It Smoothly – Toh-Den-Nas-Shai Singers
2. Six Pack To Go – Toh-Den-Nas-Shai Singers
3. Dulce Girl – T/L Swingers
4. Curly-Haired Girl – T/L Swingers
5. She’s a Dearest Hopi Girl – Smoke Signal Travelers
6. Keep Track of Me – Smoke Signal Travelers
7. Do You Still Remember Our Old Acquaintance? – Four Corners Singers
8. My Mother Dislikes Our Relationship – Four Corners Singers

Side Two

1. My Girlfriend Is Ignoring Me – Nataani Nez Travelers
2. My Short-Term Girlfriend – Nataani Nez Travelers
3. Apache Girl – Beclabito Valley Singers
4. Tuba City Sweetheart – Beclabito Valley Singers
5. Be With Me For Awhile – Chinle Valley Boys
6. When Are We Going Home? – Chinle Valley Boys