Comprised of composer and multi-instrumentalist Colin Farish and Native American flutist John-Carlos Perea, Coyote Jump sculpts a musical tribute to Native America with the sound of the cedar flute at its core. Inspired by traditions of Indigenous knowledge, the music from their debut album is a love song to Mother Earth: unfathomably mysterious, ever changing and heartbreakingly beautiful. Also includes performances by, Robin Bonnel, Chanticleer, Will Clipman, Jeremy Cohen, Kai Eckhardt, Sudhananda Paul Greaver, Weber Iago, Derek Jones, Savannah Jo Lack, Premdip Edward Lasker, Glen Moore, The Richard Worn Chamber Orchestra, Doug Rioth, Doug Scheuerell, Dror Sinai, Glen Velez and Andre Zweerz.

1. Lightning Drum (5:20)



Tracks: Click below to listen.
2. Ohlone Waters (4:51)
3. Migration (5:54)
4. Coyote Jump (5:12)
5. Salish Sound (4:02)
6. Midnight Moon (5:31)
7. Lozen’s Way (5:19)
8. Prayer/Taking Flight (7:20)
9. Invocation/Waking From The Roots (7:50)
Total Time: 51:47
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