Representing the people of Treaty Six First Nations, Cree Confederation bridges the older Pow-Wow singing style with the contemporary evolution of today’s vibrant Pow-Wow culture. The collective energy of singing, drumming and the powerful message of Plains Cree song lyrics have lead Cree Confederation to multiple singing championships across Native America.

Native American Music Award Winner.

Indian Summer Music Award Winner.

1. This Is It (3:55)


Tracks: Click below to listen.
2. Drum Time (3:27)
3. Dance Hard, Sing Hard (3:38)
4. Straight Crow Hop (1:56)
5. The Hit (3:27)
6. Straight (3:30)
7. Taste of Red Bull (Crow Hop, 2:46)
8. Crazy Bear (2:41)
9. Straight (4:27)
10. I Tried So Hard (Round Dance, 3:40)
11. Cream (2:58)
12. McGilvery Style, Pt.2 (4:14)
13. Song for Baby Alex (3:11)
Total Time: 44:33
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