Cree Confederation bring the lively energy and good vibes of the Round Dance hall direct to the listener. Championship singers in their own right, Cree Confederation have been nurtured by Round Dance’s legendary singers. In this recording, they pay homage to the power of the legacy of the Cree Round Dance.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Legends (5:02)
2. Here We Go Again (4:34)

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3. Rose (4:17)
4. Far Away (4:44)
5. Dreaming (3:45)
6. Back in the Day (3:54)
7. NDN Days (4:28)
8. Kisipin (4:16)
9. You’re The One (4:56)
10. Missing You (4:20)
11. Just Say ‘I Do’ (4:30)
12. Boxcar Willy (3:53)
Total Time: 53:17
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