With a voice as clear and exciting as the immortal Ed Lee Natay, Dine singing star Davis Mitchell presents ten new songs about Navajo life and loving. A great performer who needs no comparison with anyone, the ever-popular Mitchell is a favorite throughout all corners of Dinetah and beyond!

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
Two-Step Dances:
1. I’m Glad You’re Here (4:38)
2. Be Kee Shi Yoi Kaa (4:19)
3. Some How, Somewhere, Some Way (4:37)
4. I Remember You with Good Words (3:39)
5. To Bird Springs We Go (4:15)
Skip Dances:
6. Love Letter (3:47)
7. Closing Song: I’ll Take You Home (4:17)
8. She’s Got the Rhythm and I Got the Blues (4:10)
9. No Excuse (4:17)
10. Country Road Take Me Home (3:41)
Total Time: 42:16
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