Two of today’s eminent young singers and songmakers, Jeremy “Worm” Dearly and Marcus Denny have created many of the classic songs for the legendary Midnite Express drum group. With strong singing and hilarious lyrics they join forces in this collection of Round Dance songs that lay down the law about the rollercoaster of modern romance.

1. The Thought (3:52)


TRACKS: Click below to listen.
2. It’s Too Late (5:43)
3. Leads & Beats (4:40)
4. Ex-Girlfriend (5:02)
5. Nibble on My Ears (4:22)
6. Buckskin on? Buckskin off? (4:04)
7. The Overdub Special (4:29)
8. Cheaters (6:44)
9. If Thoughts Could Speak (3:48)
10. Cross-eyed Queen (3:05)
11. Love Hurts, Dude (5:10)
Total Time: 51:43
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