Navajo Two-Step and Skip Dance songs are traditional songs about love, courting and honor and are a central part of Navajo culture. A classic singing group, the Dennehotso Swinging Wranglers, present songs that portray the social life, with its pathos and humor, of the Navajo.


6. Song And Dance Turns Me On (3:56)



Two-Step Dance Songs: Click below to listen.
1. Wasted Days / Wasted Nights (3:19)
2. Proud To Be A Navajo (2:26)
3. Blue Eye Blonde (3:43)
4. Broken Heart For Sale (2:50)
5.I’m The Same Old Me (3:24)
Skip Dance Songs: Click below to listen.
7. 14 Karat Mind (3:16)
8. I’ll Be Waiting At The National Finals (2:50)
9. When You Used To Dress Up So Pretty (3:10)
10. Heart Break Highway (2:47)
11. Let’s Take A Ride To Four Corners New Mexico Borderline (3:49)
12. I Still Have An Old Ride (4:08)
Total Time: 40:26