The ‘Akimel ‘O’odham (meaning “River People”), formerly known as the Pimas, live in the deserts of Arizona on the Salt River and Gila River Reservations. As some of the oldest residents of the American Southwest, the ‘Akimel ‘O’odham trace much of their agriculturally-rooted culture to the ancient Hohokam people.  A member of the Salt River Pima-Maricopa tribe, Earl Ray (known in Pima as Lo:dac) is a singer, linguist, and tribal activist and the only one who reads and writes the Salt River Pima dialect.  On this recording, Earl sings a collection of rare and historic songs evoking the rich mythology and cultural pageantry of the ‘Akimel ‘O’odham.  Album includes detailed notes, translation and transliteration of Salt River Pima words.


TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Mu:vic (The Point Song) (4:35)
2. Cu:k Ce:vag (Black Cloud) (3:58)
3. Ko:magi Ve:mgal (The Coyote Song) (2:32)
4. Ho’ok (The Cripple Song) (5:32)
5. Nanakmel Ha-Ki (The Bat’s Cave) (3:22)
6. S-wam Va:vas (The Yellow Bird Song) (4:02)
7. Wa: Ne’i (Basket Dance) (5:21)
8. Hascud Hiosik (What Kind of Flower?) (2:43)
9. Vipismal (The Hummingbird Song) (3:20)
10. Tas Oicuk Hoigedak (The Evening Song) (3:27)
11. Ku:guk (The Going Home Song) (1:58)
Total Time: 39:03
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