For generations, singing has been an integral part of life within indigenous communities, providing comfort in times of trouble, expressing joy during happy moments and as a means of facilitating reverence and contemplation. Born from this tradition, acclaimed singers Fawn (Cree/Salish) and Dallas (Cree) present a collection of songs that are meant to soothe the lonely, honor the earth and celebrate the joy of being alive. Reflecting the gratitude they feel for life itself, they hope to share the blessings they have received with all.

Tracks: Click below to listen.
1. Pray to the Lord (4:19)
2. Whatever Happened? (3:39)
3. Treaty Six and Coastal Hand Game Song (5:18)
4. Out of Love (3:36)
5. It’s Been a Long Time (3:25)
6. Grandfather Rock (4:34)
7. Do You Know? (2:57)
8. The Dream (3:13)
9. Working on My Next Broken Heart (3:40)
10. Waiting for You (3:32)
11. Hand Game Song (2:36)
12. Just For You (4:02)
13. Blessings (4:01)
Total Time: 49:17  
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