Born into a respected multi-generational singing tradition, Fawn Wood’s vocal artistry reflects the confluence of her Cree and Salish tribal lineages. Her debut recording, Iskwewak (meaning “women” in Cree), collects songs of honor and celebration along with Round Dance songs that mirror the world seen through the eyes of a Native American woman. Iskwewak honors the qualities of strength, intuition and love that form the cultural inheritance of Indigenous women.
Native American Music Award Winner. Canadian Aboriginal People’s Choice Award Winner.

1. Tapwe Oma (3:08)



Tracks: Click below to listen.
2. No More (3:45)
3. Mr. Wrong (3:25)
4. Every Once in A While (3:58)
5. Grandmother’s Song (1:38)
6. Mommy’s Little Guy (3:14)
7. Why Do U Have to Go? (2:42)
8. Plains vs. Coast, Pt. 1 (2:24)
9. Plains vs. Coast, Pt. 2 (2:13)
10. Love is Real (3:35)
11. When She Leaves You Tonight (4:42)
12. Pledging My Love (3:14)
13. Happy Times (2:08)
14. After All (3:04)
15. That’s Love for You (2:50)
Total Time: 46:57
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