For over 35 years, 11-time Grammy® ® nominee and Platinum Record recipient R. Carlos Nakai has been at the forefront of the musical development of the Native American flute, introducing the traditional flute to the genres of jazz, new age as well as classical music, perhaps the most challenging of all for the traditional flute. From Graceful Fields is Nakai’s fifth classical album and features the ethereal and playful From Graceful Fields (for flute and a cappella women’s voices), by Giuli Doyle, a new Nakai composition, Passages (for flute with Luis Engelke on trumpet, William Eaton on harp guitar, Will Clipman on drums), and Souvenirs by James DeMars (for flute with DeMars on piano). 

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I. From Graceful Fields
(for Native American Flute & Women’s Voices)
Composed by Giuli Doyle.
1. Angelica (6:35)
2. Impatiens (7:14)
3. Morning Glory (6:50)
II. Passages – La’igoo tádiíya’h
(for Trumpet, Native American Flute, Harp Guitar & Drums)
Composed by R. Carlos Nakai with William Eaton & Will Clipman.
4. The Sun – Jóhonaa’éi (4:20)
5. We All Dance – T’áá altso daniidli ’alzhish (5:24)
III. Evensongs – Souvenirs d’été
(Native American Flute & Piano
Composed by James DeMars.
6. Silence of Past Days – Silence des jours passés (5:20)
7. A Child’s Game – Jeu d’enfant (5:48)
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