Gerald Wayne Primeaux, Sr. (Yankton Dakota), is a fifth generation member of the respected Primeaux family of Peyote singers and songmakers. The soothing sound of harmonized singing with gourd and drum, these songs of prayer, honor and blessing are blended with gentle sounds of nature leading the listener on a journey of the spirit. Carrying on the harmonized singing tradition of his father, Asa Primeaux, Sr. and grandfather, Harry Primeaux, Gerald songs ensure that the Primeaux name and prayer live on, blessing all and inspiring future generations.

Native American Music Award Winner of the Best Native American Church Album of the Year.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Straight Healing Song (2:23)
2. Healing Song in Dakota (1:57)
3. The Primeaux Family Song (2:39)
4. Straight Healing Song (2:12)
5. Soldier Boy Song in Dakota and English (2:10)
6. Straight Healing Song (1:28)
7. Straight Healing Song (2:06)
8. Healing Song in Dakota (1:52)
9. Healing Song in English (1:56)
10. Soldier Boy Song in English (2:02)
11. Healing Song in Dakota (3:18)
12. Straight Healing Song (2:15)
13. Healing Song in Dakota (3:05)
14. Healing Song in Dakota and English (3:17)
15. Healing Song in Dakota (2:31)
16. Healing Song in Dakota (2:49)
17. The Birthday Song (2:42)
18. Four Peyote Songs with gourd and drum (7:34)
Total Time: 46:21
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