From the Kiowa, Commanche and Cherokee tribes of Oklahoma, Glen Ahhaitty’s songs spin tales inspired by life on the Pow-Wow highway. Having traveled for decades with the most renowned Southern Plains-style drum groups, his Round Dance songs express the people, experiences and feelings that inhabit life on the long and winding road of the Pow-Wow singer. With shades of country blues and accompanied only by the beat of a hand drum, Glen shares the often lonesome ups and downs of life on the open road.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. I Should Have Been There (4:14)
2. Better Him Than Me (4:09)
3. Wish Come True (3:58)
4. Very Lonesome (3:58)
5. The Bottle Let Me Down (3:44)
6. Daddy¹s Coming Home (4:22)

7. Randall¹s Song (4:39)
8. Pretty Indian Girl (3:54)
9. Spanish Fly (4:26)
10. Now You¹re Gone (4:36)
11. When I¹m Far Away (4:41)
12. Down At The 49 (4:52)
Total Time: 47:30  
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