This is the first commercial Recording of the fiddle band music of the Tohono O’odham people of Southern Arizona. Utilizing instruments originally introduced by Spanish missionaries, the fiddle band sound is highly unique utilizing violins, guitar, and drums playing polkas, two-steps, and mazurkas. The result is an exciting sound and one of Southern Arizona’s richest musical traditions.

Tracks: Click below to listen.
1. Ali Oidak Polka (3:18)
2. Bareterro Two-Step(3:03)
3. Black Mountain Mazurka (3:51)
4. Blackie Polka (4:05)
5. Sonora Church Two-Step (4:18)
6. Hohokam Polka (3:13)
7. Libby Bird Song Mazurka (4:08)
8. Memories in Ajo Polka (3:37)
9. Pinto Beans Two-Step (3:28)
10. E.J. Special Polka (3:29)
11. Cababie Two-Step (3:19)
12. Dawn Mazurka (3:15)
Total Time: 43:56
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