Holder of six World Championship titles for their singing and drumming, High Noon carries one of pow-wow’s most enduring and honored singing traditions. Beginning more than two decades ago on the Thunderchild Reserve, Saskatchewan, they continue to among pow-wow’s most respected groups. Singing in the original Plains Cree style, High Noon maintains the pride of their people and sings from the heart whenever they sit around the drum.

Canadian Aboriginal Award Winner

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Intertribal (3:52)
2. Intertribal (2:56)
3. Intertribal (3:22)
4. Intertribal (3:56)
5. Contest Song (3:12)
6. Intertribal (3:10)
7. Contest Song (2:42)
8. Intertribal (2:57)
9. Intertribal (2:32)
10. Grass Dance (3:38)
11. Intertribal (3:38)
Total Time: 36:30
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