Singers: Rickey Coochwytewa (Lead Singer), Milland Lomakema, Sr. (Manager), Clifton Seweiumptewa, Stewart Tewawaina, Delbridge Honanie, Alonzo Dewakuku, Vinton Lonnie, Timmie Mowa, Stanford Lomakema, Jake Polevlyouma, Jr., Pat Tewawaina.
Recorded Live at Canyon Records’ 30th Anniversary Pow-Wow, October 24, 1981.

Side One

1. Grand Entry Song (Sunshield Theme Song)
2. Trick Contest Song
3. Fancy Feather Dance
4. Intertribal Song
5. Intertribal Song

Side Two

1. War Chief Honor Song (In honor of Raymond and Mary Boley)
2. Contest Song
3. Contest Song
4. Intertribal Song
5. Round Dance Song
6. Round Dance Song