The jackalope (lepus antilocapra erectus) has long been thought a hoax inflicted upon tourists and gullible individuals. The native peoples of the American Southwest have long known otherwise and consider the jackalope an important part of urban ecology. Some zoologist classify it as a cross between a jackrabbit and an antelope, while others believe the jackalope to be the ancestor from which those species descended. A wary and elusive creature, the jackalope is known for its distinctive songs and amazingly varied courtship dances. The similarities are so strong, that if someone has a way with the opposite sex, it is often said that he (or she) “dance with rabbits”.

The dance of the jackalope deeply influenced the music on this recording which is Jackalope’s fourth release and first dance album. Jackalope’s music combines Native American melodies and ethnic percussion and wind instruments with the traditional instruments of modern music, synthesizer, guitar and bass, to create a southwestern hybrid – SynthacousticpunkarachiNavajazz.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. One Night in Tijuana (6:04)
2. Resplendens (5:23)
3. Jackalope ’93 (4:34)
4. Frank With You! (4:02)
5. Juan Moore (4:09)
6. Sausage Fingers (3:03)
7. Anasazi (6:19)
8. Noh Tango Nada (6:19)
9. Ay! Juana Iguana (4:27)
10. Und Zen Zer Vas… (5:32)
11. Fried Bread Grease Blues (6:33)
Total Time: 55:10
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