Accomplished Din̩e’ (Navajo) singer and songmaker Jay Begaye has been praised throughout North America for his beautiful songs. This recording brings Jay together with his clan brother, Everitt White on Native American flute, to perform a stirring collection of songs inspired by Din̩e’ history and culture. Don’t miss “Roller Coaster” (Track 5) composed by Arlie Neskahi.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Tradition Began (3:30)
2. Sohodizin (5:13)
3. Mystic Nature (3:36)
4. Healing Journey (6:01)
5. Roller Coaster (3:27)
6. E’wee-Ba Hozho (4:56)
7. Young Generation (5:00)
8. Where I Walk, I Live (4:21)
9. Hw̩̩eeldi Chill (7:18)
Total Time: 44:06
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