Jay Begaye‘s soaring vocals, rhythmic drumming and creative songs move the spirit and call people to the round dance. For the last decade, Jay has fused his DinĚŠe’ (Navajo) heritage with the singing style of the people of the Northern Plains and carried his music to native and non-native people throughout North America. The Round Dance is a courting dance for couples and is popular with Native Americans everywhere.

Tracks: Click below to listen.
1. Hush My Darling (4:02)
2. Children’s Prayer (3:04)
3. The Touch of Your Hand (3:46)
4. Summer of ’83 Blues (3:49)
5. The Twins (3:30)
6. High Country (2:54)
7. KTNN Special (5:13)
8. Sunset Flower (3:12)
9. Sunshine Beauty (3:19)
10. Oregon Trail Love Song (3:42)
Total Time: 44:06
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