Respected throughout Native America, Jay Begaye (Din̩e) is known for his beautiful songs and singing. These Round Dances and traditional Navajo songs carry with them the vibrant colors of the Navajo people through Jay’s stirring voice. Additional vocals by Anthony Betoney (Din̩e) and Tiinesha Begaye (Din̩e).

INDIE Award Winner.


TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Navajo Birthday Song (4:33)
2. Natay’s Song (2:28)
3. First World (3:56)
4. Old Style Traditional Song (4:35)
5. Teenager’s Song (4:44)
6. Hon-Dah Special (3:49)
7. Canyon Records Special (2:48)
8. Birthday Song (4:46)
9. Grandma’s Teaching (4:37)
10. Traditional Round Dance (4:04)
Total Time: 41:01
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