“The Beauty Way” is a stirring collection of prayer, honor and social songs composed and sung by one of the great native voices of our day, Jay Begaye (Din̩), who is known throughout North America for his singing and songmaking talents. Expressing his Navajo philosophy and ideals by utilizing the Canadian style of singing, Jay joins elements of two native cultures, creating a serene sound that is a hybrid of modern and traditional styles.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Soldier Boys (3:19)
2. Walking In Beauty (5:18)
3. Navajo Code Talkers (7:24)
4. Mother’s Honor (4:35)
5. Round Dance For Arlie Neskahi (3:53)
6. Youth Honoring Song (6:40)
7. Our Way Of Dancing (4:02)
8. First Song (4:21)
9. My Dearest Sweetheart (3:54)
10. Din̩ Round Dance Special (3:59)
Total Time: 49:05