For Native Americans throughout history the horse has been central to their lives. Jay Begaye of the Dine’ (Navajo) and his daughter, Tiinesha Begaye (Similkameen-Dine’), honor their horses through song and sing about other aspects of Native American culture in performances of Dine’ Traditional songs, Canadian Round Dance songs and a Pow-Wow style song.

Native American Music Award Winner.

1. My Pretty Horse, Skoopa (4:00)



11. Summer of ’83 Memories (4:08)



12. Scouts’ Victory Song (4:12)



TRACKS: Click below to listen.
2. Classical Moment (5:00)
3. Steamboat Akalii Song (3:59)
4. Grandmother’s Honor (4:30)
5. It’s My Horse (4:52)
6. My Yellow Bus (3:42)
7. Nevada Sunset (4:38)
8. Beauty and Elegance (3:45)
9. Bambi (3:46)
10. Little Miss Muffet (3:29)
Total Time: 50:50
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