Inspired by the wonder of the Northern Lights, father and daughter Jay and Tiinesha Begaye bring together the musical traditions of Native people from the American Southwest and the heart of the Canadian Plains. Blending songs in traditional Navajo style with the round dance rhythms of Canada, Jay (Navajo) and Tiinesha (Navajo-Cree), exemplify the spirit of all Native people across North America. With special guest artist Anthony Wakeman on Native American flute.


TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Grandfather’s Teachings (6:29) – Jay Begaye
2. In the Blue (5:00) – Tiinesha Begaye
3. So Pretty Tune (4:41) – Jay Begaye
4. Memories (5:46) – Tiinesha Begaye
5. Night of the Northern Lights (4:36) – Jay Begaye
6. Little Brother (4:59) – Tiinesha Begaye
7. Just Wondering Where You Were (4:00)

– Jay Begaye

8. Message from the Spirit World (5:02)

– Tiinesha Begaye

9. Together We Walk in Beauty (4:59)

– Jay Begaye

10. Leader’s Honor Song (4:52) – Jay Begaye
11. Going to the Fair (4:00) – Tiinesha Begaye
12. Words of Honor (4:50)

– Jay & Tiinesha Begaye

Total Time: 61.00
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