From the White Mountain Apache people, 2-time Grammy nominee Joe Tohonnie, Jr. was reared in the Apache way of singing from an early age. Since then, Joe has traveled ceaselessly, sharing his singing with traditional communities and large audiences. With songs that evoke the beauty of his traditional homeland, these songs urge us to live with a good heart and to celebrate everyday as a new journey.

Tracks: Click below to listen.
1. The Good Journey (6:41)
2. Let Us All Come Together (5:40)
3. Happiness Song (5:30)
4. Four-Color Stones (Crown Dance Song) (5:56)
5. Beautiful Places I’ve Been To (10:48)
6. Honoring All Military (Apache War Dance Songs) (14:00)
7. Let His Prayer Rain All Over Us (5:52)
8. Honoring A. Paul Ortega (6:02)
9. Heaven’s Gate (8:29)
Total Time: 69:02
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