Meditation Songs for Native American Flute

The solo Native American flute is one of the most effective instruments for meditation. Kelvin Mockingbird (Din̩e) is a master at creating melodies that can help guide listeners to moments of peace and relaxation. Created with the specific intention of accompanying yoga, meditation and massage, Night Echo – Star Seed is the perfect soundscape for developing inner peace through the healing arts.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Star Seed (The Clearing and Blessing) (8:35)
2. Silver Moon (9:27)
3. Bluestar (9:46)
4. Star Dance (9:41)
5. Astral Flower (8:55)
6. Spirit Shine (8:50)

7.  Abinii-Fireshine (5:10)

Total Time: 60:27
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