The solo Native American flute is one of the most effective instruments for meditation, and Kelvin Mockingbird (DinĚŠ) is a master at creating melodies that guide listeners to moments of peace and relaxation. Created with the specific intention of accompanying yoga, meditation and massage, Night Echo ??? Star Seed is the perfect soundscape for developing inner peace through the healing arts.
  1. Star Seed (The Clearing and Blessing) (8:35)
  2. Silver Moon (9:27)
  3. Bluestar (9:46)
  4. Star Dance (9:41)
  5. Astral Flower??(8:55)
  6. Spirit Shine (8:50)
  7. Abinii-Fireshine??(4:52)
  8. Night Echo (9:41)
  9. Rainbow Warrior (10:33)
  10. Feather Dance (9:55)

Total time – 90:21