Singers: Ronald (lead), Maynard (drum keeper), Rae Lynn, Merlin, Keith and Woodrow Kicking Woman; Iris Heavy Runner; K.J. Bear Medicine; Fred Horn; Paul Old Chief, Sr.
This album is dedicated to the late Melvin “Chicken Boy” Kicking Woman who passed away June 24, 1985. He was a member of the Rough Rider Society and one of the original Kicking Woman Singers.

Side One

1. Fancy Dance
2. International Song
3. Fancy Trick Song
4. Men’s Traditional Slow War Dance (made by Rudy Shebala)
5. Traditional Sneak Up
6. Traditional Crow Hop

Side Two

1. Slow Traditional War Dance
2. Intertribal Song
3. Fancy Shake Dance
4. Fancy Crow Hop
5. Intertribal Song
6. Intertribal Song (made by Arlie Neskahi)