Singers: Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Bointy, Raymond White Buffalo, Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Haumpy, Mr. & Mrs. Bill Botone, Herschel Kaulaity, Mr. & Mrs. John Emhoolah, Jr., Ted Creeping Bear.
The Forty-Nine Dance is a social dance that began with the Kiowa Indians in Oklahoma around the turn of the century. Forty-Nine is danced for the enjoyment of the dancers and is never performed as part of a program. Non-Indians are not usually included. The Round Dance is a social dance for men and women and can be used as part of a public program.

Side One

1. Forty-Nine Song
2. Forty-Nine Song
3. Forty-Nine Song
4. Forty-Nine Song
5. Forty-Nine Song
6. Forty-Nine Song

Side Two

1. Forty-Nine Song
2. Round Dance Song
3. Round Dance Song
4. Round Dance Song
5. Round Dance Song
6. Round Dance Song
7. Round Dance Song
8. Round Dance Song