With layers of subtle vocals and spiraling melodies, Louie Gonnie honors the elements of life with songs enriched with his Diné heritage. Against a backdrop of gentle rain, blowing wind, shifting earth and crackling flame, these songs bring healing to the spirit and peace to the mind.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Dawn of Fire (5:36)
2. Water, the Rain and the Oceans of Time (7:33)
3. Of Air and Wind (4:02)
4. Earthbound (4:23)
5. Elements (4:00)
6. Sandstone Dreams (6:33)
7. Moonlight (3:39)
8. Spirals (4:32)
9. Winter’s Breath (4:50)
10. Crimson Skies (5:05)
Total Time: 50:18
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