Raised in the traditional healing ways of his people, Diné singer Louie Gonnie began singing as a young boy. Weaving gentle vocals and the sounds of nature, his songs of meditatation and healing are inspired by the sacred mountains which surround the vast homeland of the Diné people. Evoking their majestic beauty and deep significance, the spirit of these songs illuminates and connects the inner and outer worlds of the Diné.

Indian Summer Award Winner.


TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Sisnaíní (3:53)
2. Tsoodzil (4:38)
3. Dookóóshíí (6:05)
4. Dibe nstaa (3:32)
5. Dzil Ná’ oodihii (3:31)
6. Chóol’íí (4:42)
7. Hooghan (5:09)
8. Generations (3:04)
9. The Elders (4:23)
10. Children of Tomorrow (4:58)
Total Time: 44:17
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